Central African Republic

Central African Republic.

''More than 150,000 Central Africans had been internally displaced, conflict in the north had affected about a million people''. Toby Lanzer, United Nations Resident/Humanitarian Coordinator in Central African Republic. Press Conference, 16 January 2007.

Since October 2006, Central African Armed Forces (FACA) have burned more than 2000 houses in the only region of Kaga Bandoro. Atrocities, rapes, summary executions, burnings of villages, destruction of harvests, many witnesses accuse the Central African Armed Forces (FACA). The people run away from their villages and hide in the bush where the FACA doesn't dare entering by fear of the rebellion that appeared as an answer to Francois Bozize's access to power after the overthrow of President Patasse in 2003.
The villagers are caught between the rebels they are accused of supporting, and the Central African military. They survive near their fields wher they lack of food, care, and clothes. Only two NGOs are there, Caritas, and MSF.

According to an a 40 year old agreement, the French army is in Central African Republic and gives a logistical and technical support (equipment and soldiers transportation) to the Central African Armed Forces (FACA).

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